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The damaged muffler of the car should have been replaced
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The damaged muffler of the car should have been replaced

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The exhaust system of a car is composed of several parts, starting from the source engine, followed by exhaust manifold, three-way catalytic converter, main silencer, sub-muffler and so on. One of the most prone to problems is the silencer because it is particularly susceptible to corrosion by car exhaust. If the silencer is damaged, the car will generate a lot of noise. So how do you repair your car after such a malfunction?

Some time ago, the auto repair factory came to a car, which is the problem of the silencer. When the owner stepped on the accelerator to accelerate, the exhaust pipe is extremely noisy! After the auto repair master tests the car, it is determined that the fault is in the last section of the exhaust pipe of the car, as shown in the following figure! The appearance looks no problem, but as long as it shakes, there will be noise inside. !